LCL Shipment

Why is Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments starting to make sense for a lot of companies right now.

All the years of our experience in production and bulk trade we have been carrying out our operations with the belief that mass production and stocking in large quantities will be highly beneficial. But times have changed and so has to be our ways of doing business.

We ultimately have to be concerned about our customers and cater to their requirements that reflect the overall market demand trends. Over years our customers have evolved from being a lot that has to be detailed about the products to adequately informed lot before purchase.

Hence it won’t be wrong to say that mass production is proving to be extremely unpopular in a society that has got transformed into a more sustainable and well-informed one. Also in the present global scenario of so many uncertainties, mass production no longer outweighs the costs and financial burdens.

Various manufacturers are moving towards shortening their product lifecycles and are only keeping stocks to the minimum according to the customer demands. This is done taking into account the shortage of resources and lesser availability of storage spaces.

Production lines these days are leaning heavily towards a more ‘on demand’ approach. Whereas the age-old attitude of hoping to sell everything that’s already been produced is fast declining in today’s ultra sustainable climate. Hence the concept of scaling up productions even before analyzing the demand and then fetching markets for the piled-up products is a big no today.

Hence in such scenarios, logistics and transportation requirements have also changed. Sharing the goods and shipment for transportation has growing becoming a common norm for many and it is also proving better for the economy. Times are changing as many manufacturers prefer to produce only that which is in demand in the market.

As the quantity of production is lesser it makes all the sense to ship your products via LCL(Less than Container Load) Shipments.

One of the most important advantages of using an LCL shipment is that it gives a speedier turnover of your inventory and at very affordable and lower storage costs. Also, the risk involved while transporting via LCL shipment is lesser. LCL can rightly be considered as a more sustainable and economical option as it lowers your risks of being able to ship even lesser quantities yet enjoying the benefits of speedier transportations.

Another important factor is the flexibility of the LCL Shipments. Many times a shipper is tempted to fill in more quantity of shipment in the container than what is required to reduce the freight costs. This is not at all advisable as in the long term you will end up stocking more goods than what you can sell thereby burdening with stocks that go unsold. LCL Shipment gives you the flexibility of transporting what needs to be sold only and hence reduces unnecessary costs and unforeseen expenses.

LCL shipment also gives an extra ability for shippers to access the purchasing patterns and plan accordingly. This gives a significant financial and environmental saving. All they need is a closer look at the purchasing patterns and analyze the production required to be done. This in effect gives a high reduction in overhead costs and carbon footprint.

Final Thoughts: So finally it is imperative to say, taking into account the global scenarios from an economic and from customer behavior point of view LCL shipments becomes the safest bet for manufacturers of today.

As a global transportation agency Nautical Cargo has been providing and fine tunning our LCL Services and has successfully delivered to many destinations. If you need to know more and help you out with your business requirements in transporting your goods risk-free and in an assured way then please give us a call or drop an email at about your shipment requirements. Our logistics expert will be more than happy to provide you the best of services.

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