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Key challenges faced in logistics management.

Logistics management is always a complex task especially today in an economic and business scenario wherein E-commerce is flourishing. It’s a great challenge for the logistics providers to keep pace with the growing client demands.

Logistics is one of the key players in ensuring and facilitating trade across the globe and it’s a constant effort on part of the logistics managers to ensure that they deliver with optimum outcomes. A few challenges that constantly are faced by logistics and supply chain management companies today are :

    • Human Resource: It goes without saying that manpower plays a key role in the success of any business. It is a big challenge to get good and skilled human resource and what’s more of an effort is to manage and retain them. Managers, particularly in the logistics industry, have a big task at hand, to maintain a humane approach towards the employees but keeping the interests of the management and organization supreme.
    • Transportation Costs: Higher and fluctuating fuel prices contribute to the increase in transportation costs on a daily basis. The other factors which equally play a vital part in the costs are the wages and inflations. Fuel price risings escalate surcharges and ads up to the freight rates that cut into revenue earnings of truckers. All put together it’s become a growing concern and need of the hour to adopt a strategic approach in order to eliminate all possible bottlenecks that may add up to longer routes and increase in transportation costs. One good method will be to use tracking or visibility software that will help in finding out the best possible economically viable routes. Also small business can always rely on third party transportations providers that will be very cost effective.
    • Information Processing: Data is the key to any good business to be successful and more so in the logistics industry wherein manager have a lot of data to be collected and evaluated before they can form a ground strategy. Some of the major duties of any manager are fleet loading, cross-checking of route maps and ensuring the safety of the logistics operations. The perfect solution is to automate all process involving data collection and processing like data entries, billing & invoicing, loading and uploading ledgers etc via a good software solution.
    • Regulatory compliances: There are a lot of regulatory rules and measures which need to be complied with for a smooth logistics movement and the biggest challenge being it differs from region to region and country to country. A logistics company has to keep track of the varying rules and regulations and that’s not all, every staff involved in the operational aspects need to be familiar with the same.

Being in a business which caters to a global landscape catering to a diverse population with a continually changing business operations is surely a challenge and a very strategic and dynamic approach has to be adopted in taking preemptive measures to keep away all possible adversities that may hinder the smooth transit of cargo.

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