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Avoid these 4 mistakes while reducing costs in logistics

For any business to survive and grow one has to concentrate on certain elementary yet critical aspects that also are an integral part of progress. One of the most common mistakes made by businesses is that more importance is given to the quality and cost rather than the value they deliver to the end consumers. There should be a high level of synergy between the quality and the costing of the products without compromising on the value that the product or service generates. The key would be to be able to charge the best prices while still maintaining the quality of the deliverables. 

Many times this is not adhered to by shipping and logistics companies in India and they end up playing with their costs at the price of quality. This is not a safe bet as one has to understand that it is quality that sells more as it assures repeat orders from the same customers. Not only that a word of recommendation from a satisfied customer goes a long way in planning out a healthy business. A cost reduction can bring in more profits that are just temporary as ultimately it is quality that sells. One cannot assure profits if the sales keep dropping. 

We will discuss some of the most common mistakes that a logistics company tends to make in the process of reducing costs.

Defaulting Custom Standards:

One needs to have apt knowledge of customs standards about the classifications of goods and administrations. You need to have attentive involvement while doing the classifications on the invoices as if not carefully then your business can end up paying more taxes. Hence an experienced staff should be allocated the work of documentation and invoicing to ensure that no defaulting is committed.

Avoid bringing in everything In-House:

Every business looks to either integrate service resources to their business. This is achieved by having all services provided under one roof or outsource the requirements to a third party and integrate it well to the core business. One of the mistakes logistics companies make is to do all operational activities by themselves. This will ultimately ruin the business prospects as not everything can be done at the same time. 

To reduce the costs many logistics companies tend to think it as a very viable strategy and ultimately end up in messing up with the deliverances also increasing the costs. It is not a good idea to invest more and more in maintaining your logistics department when it’s robbing you of your time that can be utilized in planning better strategies to improve the core business and optimizing results that will help in business growth.

Lack of Market trends:

Businesses completely depend on the market trends of the respective industry and it is imperative to say that one has to be updated on the various socio-economic changes. Hence it is essential to follow the industrial trends, in particular, the shipping industry as it is the most susceptible.

One has to keep a watch of the competitors, partners, and learn what newer operational implementations they bring in. Even a very small change in the operational flow can prove credible to the logistics costing.

Outdated Technology:

Every industry is technology-driven today and operational decisions are based on the data collected via technology-enabled infrastructures. Any technology that does not provide seamless integration and complete automation is bound to add on to your costs.

Gone are those days where manual labor can be depended upon as more and more industries are transforming their methods to a more mechanical driven infrastructure. In such a scenario having a primitive way of conducting business can have adverse impacts on your business. A logistics company cannot afford to have mistakes in their supply chain and logistic service delivery. Same day delivery with track and trace at every touchpoint has become the need of the hour services offered to customers and hence you need to have a complete integrated system to achieve all that.

Final Thoughts:

Every industry has its methods of conducting business but one inherent aspect that is common to all is the need to keep costs in control without compromising on the quality. Hence it is the pertinently a requirement to not commit mistakes that may cost your business its clients. Reduce the costs by implementing the best-integrated technology and methods that not only will enhance your quality of delivery but will also reduce costs thereby increasing your profits.

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